4 Words and Phrases You Say That Surprisingly Have Anti-Black Racist Origins

What’s in a word? Well, sometimes, way more than you think. While growing up as a 90s kid in Mississippi, I remember when someone non-Black referring to me as Black was a little awkward, maybe even slightly offensive. African-American was deemed the more appropriate racial descriptor at the time in the South. Today, especially during the rise of the Black…

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America needs a Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission

Traditional systems of law and punishment inadequately address the persistent epidemics of racial injustice and historic inequality that have plagued America for four centuries. These institutions cannot account for crimes committed against Black people and the deep intergenerational trauma they endure. Therefore, some people propose an American version of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). Such forums provide…

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Shirley Chisolm

These women in politics broke barriers and paved the way for Stacy Abrams, Kamala Harris and others

In the 2020s, there is no stopping Black women in politics. From the victory of Vice President Kamala Harris to the nomination of Georgia’s Stacy Abrams for the Nobel Peace Prize, we are in a moment of Black women’s excellence in government. Harris and Abrams are the political descendants of a long line of women who, despite their race and…

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