5 incredible Black yoga influencers to follow on Instagram

The days of the yoga scene being entirely dominated by white women are long gone and there are some incredibly inspiring Black yogis out there to prove it. Yoga can be beneficial in so many ways—from building strength and conditioning the body to stress relief and improving mindfulness, the benefits are truly worth the time and effort to build a practice. But it can be intimidating when you see all the pretzel-y poses, especially if you’ve never seen anyone who looks likes you doing the thing. These five Black yogis though are proving that yoga is for everyone and every body.

Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn has garnered some attention over the years for not only being a dedicated Black yogi, but also for being a plus-size yogi. She’s like the ultimate body-positive hype girl who just so happens to be a fantastic yoga instructor and practitioner, proving that a person’s size or body composition doesn’t always dictate their fitness level. Plus, since she’s founded her own virtual yoga studio, The Under Belly, she’s also an entrepreneur.

Follow Jessamyn at @mynameisjessamyn on Instagram.

Andrew Sealy

With over 150,000 Instagram followers Andrew Sealy is taking up some serious space in the yoga world. A businessman and yoga practitioner, Andrew posts photos of himself in some jaw-dropping poses. It’s easy to be inspired—or intimidated—but one thing Andrew is really good at doing, is making sure his followers know they have the power to do anything and be anything they want. 

Follow Andrew at @andrew7sealy on Instagram.

Koya Webb

Author, spiritual wellness educator and yoga instructor Koya Webb is like a one-stop, one-woman shop for all things physical and mental wellness. On her Instagram page, she offers up a little bit of yoga and fitness inspo along with healthy doses of inspiration and encouragement and even some more practical self-care tips. Koya also offers yoga teacher training via her business Get Loved Up Yoga School, for more advanced yogis.

Follow Koya at KoyaWebb on Instagram.

Faith Hunter

Faith Hunter is a meditation and wellness instructor and macro-influencer with over 50,000 followers on Instagram. One of the things that stands out about Faith is that she’s a writer and her lovely prose often accompanies the photos she posts on Instagram of her yoga and meditation practices. Faith owns a yoga studio in Washington D.C. as well as an online wellness brand called Embrace Om, that aims to make emotional, physical and spiritual wellness accessible and affordable for people of all backgrounds.

Follow Faith at @spirituallyfly on Instagram.

Brandon Copeland

Yogi Brandon Copeland is seriously #goals. Not only is he an  admirable yoga instructor with his own studio dedicated to helping empower Black men (and women) through yoga, he also runs a YouTube channel on which he offers free yoga classes. Most impressively? He’s a husband and father of three, who often practices with his young children crawling all over him, offering up a much-needed dose of realness and inspiration for those of us literally trying to balance it all.

Follow Brandon at @brandoflows on Instagram.